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masterForgotten mkfilekvik7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-20Forgotten mkfileHEADmasterkvik
2020-04-20Rearrange code in preparation for future workkvik
2020-04-20To avoid looping into itself due to its mountpoint being onekvik
2020-04-19Only default-mount if no -s or -m are givenkvik
2020-04-19Srv.nopipe is no longer necessarykvik
2020-02-18Axe unused code; qid map is forever, for now.kvik
2020-02-18Tidy up the Qid managementkvik
2020-02-17Update usage()kvik
2020-02-17Rework the manual pagekvik
2020-02-17Rename Fil -> Fkvik